Erik Paterson

The House Snake Guy

Hello my name is Erik Paterson, thanks for visiting the website - I hope it can be a useful information resource in some respects, and an opportunity to showcase some of my work, I realise also that some people might want to know who is pontificating at them.

As a child, I grew up in the countryside which sparked a deep interest in wildlife and nature in me.  A large part of this was catching frogs and toads with a net.  Not a lot has changed since then, I just use a bigger net.

Keeping tadpoles in a glass aquarium in the garden got me interested in keeping amphibians and reptiles as pets, and soon, at around the age of ten I began to keep exotic animals, my first being a Leopard Gecko whom I called Gexy.  As often is the case with exotic pet keepers, one soon became two then three, four, more, and I soon amassed a collection of some seven or eight Leopard Geckos.  Eventually I wanted to expand, and having owned my fair share of exotic pets, I've settled on African house snakes.

Since around 2006, I have been specializing in the care and breeding of African house snakes and in 2011, I published a book detailing the care of house snakes, aptly titled "The Captive Care of House Snakes".  I have also written a number of other articles for publication in magazines and other resources regarding the care of these and other exotic pets.

In addition to maintaining a captive collection of exotic reptiles, I am very active in field work concerning the conservation and study of Britain's native herpetofauna. This includes citizen-science projects on amphibian population size and distribution in the South Lanarkshire town of East Kilbride about which you can read more on the ecology sub-page.  In addition to volunteer projects I am an undergraduate student and work professionally as an ecological consultant.

I hope you've found something of interest in reading a short section about me, and that the website is of use to you for whatever reason you have visited today.

- Erik.