Erik Paterson

The House Snake Guy

I consider myself to be a well-rounded consultant versed in the undertaking and design of surveys for most protected species within Scotland and the wider UK. Having worked for consultancies of varying sizes, I have experience of working on projects from small-scale local development to large scale multi-million pound infrastructure schemes.

My speciality is in the survey of herpetofauna and bats. Holding licences to survey great crested newts throughout England and Scotland as well as for the survey of bats within Scotland.

In addition to my work within a professional setting, I am a keen environmental volunteer and have held the position of secretary within my local amphibian and reptile group (Clyde ARG) between 2013 and 2019 alongside many other voluntary positions which are detailed in full on my Linkedin page.

Finally, I also undertake citizen science research projects focusing on herpetology and details of this can be found on the publications page of this website, as well as on my researchgate profile.