Erik Paterson

The House Snake Guy

Below is a list of my publications in chronological order from newest to oldest; they include peer-reviewed articles; survey reports; my book; and articles on the care of various species of reptile.  Where possible I have directly linked to the publication.

The Captive Care of House Snakes, Paperback, 2011.

Publisher: AuthorHouse
ISBN:  978-1-4520-4447-7

Available from AuthorHouse UK and USA also available on Amazon.

Self-published book detailing the captive care of the African House Snakes, fully illustrated with colour images, this book provides a comprehensive ID guide to house snakes in the genus Boaedon and Lamprophis as well as in-depth care information for beginner and experienced herpetoculturists alike.

Paterson, E.  2010.  the World of the Dragon.  Practical Reptile Keeping Magazine, Oct. 2010, pp. 15-20.

Paterson, E.  2010.  The Underrated House Snake.  Practical Reptile Keeping Magazine, July 2010, pp. 22-27.